When Lightning Strikes!
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August 2013

When Lightning Strikes
If you have seen Back to the Future and hear the word lightning you will likely have a flashback to the scene in the movie where Doc Brown announces his plan to harness the “1.21 jiggerwatts” (properly gigawatts or billions of watts) of energy contained in a lightning strike to send Marty McFly back to 1985.

While the proposed use of lightning in this movie is clever and humorous, lightning is a serious subject. Meteorologists estimate that worldwide, there are approximately 1.4 billion lightning discharges every year or 45 every second. In addition to causing property damage and forest fires, the danger to humans is quite real.  Click here to read the entire article...

Are you Lightning Savvy? 
Click here to complete our lighting crossword puzzle.

Are You Prepared? This Time It’s Not a Natural Disaster
Workplace violence has emerged as one of today’s newest and most disturbing disasters. Not only is it challenging to predict and detect, mitigating the danger is difficult. When workplace violence strikes it brings chaos, over-whelming emotions, and often causes instantaneous communications collapse.  Click here to read the full article...

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