The Value of Preparedness Planning
The Newsletter for Ready Rating Members
September 2018

The Value of Preparedness Planning
Generally, when making the case for business preparedness, effective arguments have centered on the potential damage future events will have on facilities, equipment, staff, other assets and operations. Judging what might happen and the impact on future business is an exercise in risk management and requires a significant time commitment, but the payback is clear and valuable.

Perhaps even more important than identifying risks is the planning process that follows which outlines how your organization will respond to possible disruptive events.

Using the free tools at the Ready Rating site will reduce the time needed to assess your risks and develop an emergency action plan. In addition to many indirect benefits, having an EAP brings your organization into compliance with OSHA regulations and is a clear sign of management’s commitment to operating a safe and healthy workplace.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Having an emergency plan sends a clear statement that your enterprise takes its responsibility to employees, clients, business partners, and the community seriously. The plan also promotes the firm’s image, may help reduce insurance costs, and can positively impact the organization’s credit standing
In recent years, there has been a shift in attitude toward the importance of intangibles such as an organization’s brand (name and reputation), the value of its processes and other forms of intellectual property.
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