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Rapid Business Impact Analysis

  • 21 February 2017
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Discuss the following questions with personnel who are deeply knowledgeable about how the organization operates and provides goods/services to its customers.

1 What essential processes do you need to perform in order to provides goods/services to your customer?

2 Who is responsible, oversees, or has the authority to make decisions regarding each process?

     3 What is the longest amount of time you could go without performing each process?

4 What would be the impact if you surpassed that time period? Consider the impact to personal safety, the facility, operations, regulatory requirements, and reputation of the business.

5 What would be the financial impact to the business if you were unable to restore/recovery the process within the time period shown in question 3?

Below is an optional template for organizing the results of your discussion immediately follows the questions.

Organization Name




Completed by


Copy the table below for each essential process you identified.

Process 1


Responsible Individual/Group 2


Tolerable Disruption 3


Impact Description 4


Financial Impact 5



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