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Preparing for a Supply Chain Disruption

  • 29 July 2015
  • Author: WebTeam
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Every organization is dependent on business partners for some products and services such as gas, electric, water, etc., or materials.


Use the checklist below to prepare for a potential interruption of these materials, products, and services.

  • Does our business partner/supplier have a documented Emergency Action Plan?
  • Do they make a version of this plan available for review by partners?
  • Do we have evidence that the partner’s plan would effectively address our needs in the event of an emergency? 
  • Does the partner’s plan address security and safety concerns that might arise during a crisis?
  • Do we have evidence that the partner’s management supports the plan and would make resources available to implement it in an emergency?
  • Does the partner periodically test and update their plan?
  • Does the plan comply with established standards?
  • Has the partner disclosed how their plan rates against accepted standards (e.g., as rated by Ready Rating).
  • Does the partner have a staff assigned to emergency response team roles?
  • Does the partner conduct an annual risk assessment process?
  • Is the partner willing to share their latest risk assessment?
  • Does the partner’s plan have escalation points based on the severity of the emergency event?
  • Does the partner conduct regular emergency response exercises?
  • Are partners ever invited to participate in your organization’s emergency exercises?
  • Does the partner’s plan account for a disruption of their service/supply chain partners?
  • Do you have an emergency contact list for reaching the partner in an emergency?
  • Does the partner's plan address disruption of their worksite, staff, and technical infrastructure?
  • Does the supplier have a multiple stream delivery capability (i.e., alternative delivery methods available).    

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