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Pocket Plan and Contact Card Tools

Printable Tools to Improve Organizational Preparedness

  • 21 February 2017
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Pocket Plan:

Below you will find the links to download Side A and B of the Pocket Plan Tool.  Sections that contain contact information have been set up as fill-in fields. Simply click and enter the data. Unused fields can be deleted.  Side A contains important contact information, general employee expectations, and guidance for building evacuation and fire. Side B contains guidance for an earthquake and is set up for you to add instructions for additional scenarios or for recovery of essential business processes.   For best results in utilizing the downloadable versions, print pages two and three back-to-back on legal size paper (8 ½” x 14”). Trim on the outside lines. Fold in half lengthwise (long way) and then on the vertical lines like an accordion.

Wallet Contact Card:

A quick and easy tool to ensure that everyone has necessary emergency contact information.  Print starting on page 2.

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