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The American Red Cross Ready Rating program is a free, self-guided program designed to help businesses, organizations and schools become better prepared for emergencies.

Members complete a assessment of their level of preparedness and have access to tools, tips and best practices to help improve their level of preparedness. The Ready Rating Assessment has been aligned with the federal government's Private Sector Preparedness standards.


The tools, resources, tips and other information that are included in the Ready Rating program are the result of a comprehensive review of preparedness recommendations conducted by the American Red Cross National Office of Preparedness and Health and Safety Services, the national Ready Rating team, and the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council. All Ready Rating program steps and recommendations are grounded in scientific research, best practices and/or expert opinion from respected professionals representing multiple disciplines and perspectives.

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    • ReadyGo and/or ReadyAdvance Assessments
    • Emergency Action Plan Template Generator
    • Extensive Resource Center 

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