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November 2013

Ten Steps to Hazards Mitigation
Acts of violence and terrorism may dominate the headlines, but natural disasters such as severe weather account for the vast majority of injuries, causalities, and financial losses suffered by businesses each year.
Small office and home office (SOHO) businesses are particularly vulnerable to these natural hazards since they have limited financial resources and management/owner time is at a premium. Ensuring SOHO business survival is a key to economic growth and community vitality. U.S. Department of Labor studies highlight the key role of small businesses in economic development since this sector of the marketplace is responsible for more than 65% of new jobs.

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Assembling Your Business's Digital Go Bag
Consider this situation. You are at work when a co-worker rushes up and says, “I just got an alert. There’s a huge wildfire raging out of control and it’s headed this way. We’ve been ordered to evacuate the building immediately and from what I hear, we won’t be coming back.” Other than jumping up and heading for the door, what would you do?

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Are you Hazard Mitigation Savvy? 
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The American Red Cross Welcomes SERVPRO® as a National Sponsor of the Ready Rating™ Program
Because they understand that being prepared before an emergency makes a huge difference, SERVPRO® has teamed up with the American Red Cross as a national sponsor of the Ready Rating program to help business and homeowners across the nation reach even higher levels of readiness.  “We are excited to have SERVPRO has a national sponsor of the Ready Rating Program. SERVPRO understands the importance of being prepared for emergencies before they happen.  As a national sponsor of the Ready Rating Program, SERVPRO is helping businesses, schools and organizations become more resilient to disasters and other emergencies.”; states, Dominick Tolli, Vice President of Preparedness and Health & Safety Services at the American Red Cross.
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