When Lightning Strikes!
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June 2014

Continuity of Management Planning

Natural disasters and problems with technology are not the only cause of business failures. Recently, a new threat has emerged that affects businesses of all types across the country – retirement.
According to Newsmax, December 27, 2010 was a landmark moment for baby boomers when more than 10,000 Americans reached retirement age in a single day. Astoundingly, this rate is forecast to continue for next fifteen years.
This shift in population from employed adults to retired ones has profound consequences for the American economy as well as business owners and managers at many non-profit institutions.

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Valuing Preparedness Planning

Many people talk about potential crises but few actually do anything about them. The key difference is that while the weather remains largely outside our control,  crisis management planning is not. But knowing this isn’t enough. If it were, then every business would be devoting resources to preparedness. Something is missing and that something is a business case that makes a sufficiently strong argument to motivate owners and managers to value preparedness planning.

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SERVPRO Supports Resilient Communities
To be a truly resilient community, its members need to understand that no matter how well prepared their own organization or household may be; we are all dependant in many ways on others.   For instance, your organization may rely on the transportation infrastructure to move your goods from place to place or for your clients to get to your facilities.  Or what about services that you may not be relying on directly, but your employees and clients do, such as reliable school hours and access to medical care? 

If the schools in your area were closed for several days, would all your employees be able to continue providing the daily work they do for your organization? Telecommuting to stay home and watch the children can be one answer, but it won’t work for everyone or every job.  Sometimes our vulnerabilities are beyond our direct control.   When a disaster strikes a community, everyone can be affected and we all have an interest in encouraging all the companies, governments, non-profits, schools, households and individuals that make up those communities to be just as prepared for disasters and other emergencies as our own organization.  

“SERVPRO® professionals know a lot about disaster cleanup,” said Chad Lewis, Marketing Services Division Manager at Servpro Industries, Inc. “One of the most important things we know is that it’s better to take steps to prevent or minimize damage from an unexpected weather event or other disaster than it is to try to clean up after it. That’s why we emphasize the importance of readiness to our clients. Being ready can make the difference between moving back into your home or losing it—or staying in business or closing the doors forever. You can afford to take time now to gather the necessary information and create a recovery plan, but you can’t afford that time after a disaster. That’s a time for action, not planning.”

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