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If you are a member of the Red Cross Ready Rating program you are welcomed to add a testimonial on behalf of your business, organization or school. Please login if you have not already done so to add your testimonial. The Ready Rating coordinator will receive a notification and will review and approve the testimonials as they are received. Thank you for your support of the Ready Rating program! Are you new to Ready Rating?  Check out the link below for immediate access to help videos about the program enhancements.

Ready Rating Program Help Topics

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Gethsemane Lutheran Church

The Ready Rating program has helped our organization realize what goes into planning for emergencies and allowed us to begin planning to help our community and reach out to other communities in their time of need.

St. Louis, MO

St. Richard Catholic School

I have been very impressed with how easy the American Red Cross has made the Ready Rating program for us to utilize. Situations that I may never have thought of are presented and this helps me prepare my school. There is an added benefit of the stipend. Overall, this is a totally worthwhile program that every school should be a part of.

St. Louis, MO

St. John the Baptist School

When we first were contacted about the Ready Rating program, I was skeptical. After meeting with our Red Cross representative, I was convinced that this would lead us to a safer and better prepared school. I have not been disappointed, the help has been great!

St. Louis, MO

Express Scripts

When Express Scripts looked at the Red Cross Ready Rating program, we saw a reputable brand name. The Red Cross is recognized worldwide for emergency preparedness. We have found that Ready Rating is a great framework for those that already have a solid business continuity program in place. The Red Cross offers the expertise and resources to evaluate your plan looking through a different lense.

St. Louis, MO

St. Katharine Drexel School

I find this program helpful in many ways… but one of the ways is reminding me how much we have done to be ready for emergencies. With so much focus on H1N1, I was worried that my other areas would not be addressed. However, when I did the assessment, I realized that we really are in pretty good shape, and I have a direction for the areas that need work. Thanks for the Ready Rating program.

St. Louis, MO

Mehlville High School

If an earthquake hits the St. Louis area, do you know the emergency plan at your child's school? Schools must be prepared to respond to a variety of situations, from dangerous weather to potential outside threats to pandemic planning. As a school administrator, it’s my job to make sure your kids are safe during the seven hours a day they spend with us. That’s why the Mehlville School District was among the first to join the American Red Cross Ready Rating program. This program rates our schools on a 65-point scale of preparedness Thanks to this program, we now know exactly where we stand and what we need to do to improve our readiness. And the Red Cross is there to help us every step of the way.

St. Louis, MO

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School

After working with the Red Cross, we now have a heightened awareness of the importance of both school and family emergency preparedness plans. All members of a community need to work together to develop a plan that everyone is comfortable with. It’s important to think things through and plan — not just react to emergencies.

St. Louis, MO

United Way of Greater St. Louis

United Way is already incorporating many of the tools and tips from the Red Cross’ Ready Rating program. It’s information that is easy to share with all staff and will help us increase our knowledge of how to be prepared in times if crisis or disaster no matter where we are. I would like to thank everyone at the Red Cross for creating this important program.

St. Louis, MO


Membership in the Red Cross Ready Rating program has given IMC effective building-blocks for crafting a comprehensive emergency response plan. The 123-Point Assessment provided valuable insights on which disasters we’re most vulnerable to and outlined clear steps and milestones to ensure the safest and most efficient response. We found the program scaled precisely to our planning needs, no matter what types of preparedness we previously had in place. This type of exercise should be a top priority for all organizations in order to safeguard employees and mitigate risks to business operations.

From an HR perspective, the Ready Rating program has fostered a heightened sense of security at IMC. From a flood in the server room, to violence in the workplace, our employees take comfort knowing that we have contingencies and policies in place to respond to emergencies and disaster events. Individuals have become engaged in the various volunteer roles that the program appoints. Similarly, there are valuable steps provided to educate employees on emergency preparedness outside the work environment, which underscored IMC’s strong commitment to work-life balance and community involvement.

Reston, VA

The Hamlin School

The Red Cross Ready Rating program was a key component of our full campus review concerning safety and emergency preparedness. The self-assessment allowed our team to build and expand our common language around a shared set of goals, while providing action items for areas in need of improvement. The ongoing relationship with the American Red Cross has also been a reflection to our community of what we value. There is no greater authority when it comes to safety and business continuity, and it is an honor to have this partnership.

San Francisco, CA
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