How the Ready Rating Program Works

The American Red Cross Ready Rating program is a free, self-guided program designed to help businesses, organizations and schools become better prepared for emergencies. Members complete a 123-point self assessment of their level of preparedness and have access to tools, tips and best practices to help improve their level of preparedness. The 123 Assessment has been aligned with the federal government's Private Sector Preparedness standards (PS-Prep).

Membership in the Ready Rating program is simple. Here is how it works:

     1.  Join the Ready Rating Program 

    • Review the terms and conditions of membership and create an online profile. 
     2.  Take the 123 Assessment 
    • The assessment consists of 5 sections that score emergency preparedness efforts in terms of commitment, knowledge of hazard vulnerability, emergency planning, plan implementation and community resiliency, which are the 5 essentials of preparedness. Learn more...  
     3.  Take Action to Improve Your Level of Preparedness 
    • Visit the Ready Rating Toolbox where you’ll find resources to help further develop your plans.

    • Take advantage of the detailed program guide and best practice tips available to members.

    • Conduct drills and exercises to test your plans.

    • Implement training programs, achieve certifications, etc. 
     4.  Update Your Plans Based on Knowledge Gained 
    • Did your assessment score improve? Take the 123 Assessment again to find out!

    • Your membership will be automatically renewed at the end of your term of membership if, after a comparison of your baseline and final assessments, your score has improved. 
     5.  Continue the Cycle of Assessing and Planning 
    • Remember, preparedness is a journey, not a destination.