Organization Manager Account Functionality

If you are one organization but would like to have different facilities, locations or operational units each become Ready Rating members themselves and perform the self assessment on their property, the Organization Manager function is an important feature that you should consider.  

  • By using a shared Organization ID, each of your facilities/sites can be linked so that their Assessments, Score Cards and Emergency Response Plans can be viewed and sorted from one Organization Manager account.
  • Only the Organization Manager account can see all their facilities’ assessment information; each of the individual facility accounts will only be able to view their own information.
  • A numerical code (Org ID) is assigned to your organization; as new sites sign on they will enter that code during the creation of their profile. 
  • An Organization Manager profile will be created specifically for the purpose of seeing the assessments done at the various sites. The Organization Manager will be able to view and sort those assessments as needed. 
  • This also means that the Organization Manager will have two separate accounts; one for viewing all of the different sites’ assessments and one for their own site’s assessment, if necessary. 
  • This functionality is perfect for school districts to view assessments done at schools within the district and for any business with more than one location.
  • What's the first step?   If you are not currently a member, please set up an account on the Ready Rating website by going to the 'Join' section above. Once that step is complete, please send an email to requesting the Organization Manager role be applied and be sure to provide the following information below.  A confirmation email containing your Organization ID #, and instructions on how to use it,  will then be sent to the email address provided.
    • Organization Name, Address, City, State, and Zip
    • Organization Manager Name, Phone, and Email Address
    • Usernames for any other member accounts that have already been created and need to be linked