Ready Rating Membership Benefits

As a member of the Ready Rating program you will receive the following benefits:
    • Access to the online Ready Rating Assessment Center and the 123 Assessment, which can help you to evaluate your business, organization or school's level of preparedness
    • Access to an information-rich Ready Rating Program Guide developed by American Red Cross preparedness experts
    • Access to the American Red Cross Ready Rating member seal that can be used to publicly display your commitment to preparedness to your constituents
    • Optional public recognition of your commitment to preparedness by choosing to be listed beside other like-minded organizations on this website in the Current Member Listing
    • Customized feedback and recommendations for improvement based on your assessment scores
    • Option to create an Organization Manager account that links the member accounts of multiple site/branches/locations/facilities, allowing for all of the 'child' accounts' assessments to be viewed by one 'parent' account.  Learn more...

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