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If you are a member of the Red Cross Ready Rating program you are welcomed to add a testimonial on behalf of your business, organization or school. Please login if you have not already done so to add your testimonial. The Ready Rating coordinator will receive a notification and will review and approve the testimonials as they are received. Thank you for your support of the Ready Rating program!
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  MWHS - Lakewood, Colorado
The Ready Rating Program is a wonderful tool for helping businesses get their safety programs moving. Taking the 123 Assessment really helps you see where you need work and where you are doing well. Our entire safety committee attended the Ready Rating Training with Troy Staples and we took away solid information and tangible tools to help us with our safety planning. In addition, it inspired many of us to also take steps to be more prepared in our personal lives. This is a great resource, we are so happy to be a member.

  City of Fort Collins Utilities - Fort Collins, Colorado
Ready Rating has proved valuable to our organization and has served as an important guide for our preparedness program. With assessments, online resources, and mobile capabilities, we not only strengthened our program’s foundation, but also learned how to continuously improve it, and engage in new ideas and features. Ready Rating has taken a multitude of useful information and put it in a central location, simplifying the process of preparing employees and their families for the unexpected. The outreach to our organization is greatly appreciated, and we are proud to be a Ready Rating member. We would encourage those in our community who need a starting point for their emergency preparedness plan to participate in this program.

  Mile High United Way - Denver, Colorado
I must wholeheartedly commend the Ready Rating program for its outstanding approach to preparing for disaster. Ready Rating explicitly details the importance of preparedness, emphasizing that 40 percent of businesses never recover. That’s a statistic one simply cannot ignore! Rather than generalizing, the program clearly defines whom one should contact and what steps should be taken to prepare for the unthinkable. And, the annual rating examination that members take helps us to easily track our progress as we strive to get better. I cannot too highly commend the program. I am so glad we chose to participate!

  Littleton Public Schools - Littleton, Colorado
In school emergency preparedness there are not many barometers to measure and evaluate the practices that we have implemented. The Red Cross Ready Rating program provides our district tools to insure that we are covering our bases when it comes to emergency preparedness. In addition, the Red Cross Ready Rating program also provides information on how to meet those emergency preparedness needs. The partnership between the Red Cross and the school district will not only benefit the staff and students, but the entire community as whole if and when a community-wide disaster hits. In closing, we look forward to working with Red Cross Ready Rating program.

  Stout Street Foundation - Commerce City, Colorado
The Ready Rating Program has been extremely beneficial to Stout Street Foundation. We have been updating our Emergency Response Plans annually, which has been effective. All of the information that was presented by the Red Cross helped up us really prioritize and focus our efforts on being ready for situations that are most likely to occur in our specific location with our specific demographic, and plan accordingly. Our Red Cross representative listened to all aspects of what we do at our company, so everything from employee preparedness in their personal lives to first aid trainings that are available to us were discussed, and everything in between. This process of getting everyone on board is time consuming but not overly costly. I would highly recommend this program to any company that is able to participate. Too often we focus on all of the day-to-day activity and just hope for the best; however, by taking the time now to prepare we are making a long-term investment in the success of our company.

  Sloan's Lake Community Church - Denver, Colorado
I found the Ready Rating program helpful in organizing our thoughts in the initial setup of our churches' safety and security program. It has been seven months since we did the initial review. Ideally I would like to go through the scorecard sometime this summer and use it as a tool to measure our progress, as well as an aid to prioritize areas where we can improve. Having our initial scorecard as a baseline will be invaluable. Thanks for your assistance in making our church a safer place. - Parker, Colorado
Ready Rating is a must have program for an organization of any size. Ready Rating is a powerful assessment and planning resource. Valuable assessment tools for seasoned risk managers, or those beginning a program are difficult to find in one place, but Ready Rating has it.

  Golden View Elementary School - San Ramon, California
Our school took part in the American Red Cross Ready Rating program this year. The Ready Rating Team was helpful and supportive in moving our school forward in being prepared for a disaster. After we completed the assessment the Red Cross conducted a full day of training at our site. Our entire school community (students, staff, and parents) learned a great deal by participating in the training.
It was a valuable and worthwhile experience.

  The Hamlin School - San Francisco, California
The Red Cross Ready Rating program was a key component of our full campus review concerning safety and emergency preparedness. The self-assessment allowed our team to build and expand our common language around a shared set of goals, while providing action items for areas in need of improvement. The ongoing relationship with the American Red Cross has also been a reflection to our community of what we value. There is no greater authority when it comes to safety and business continuity, and it is an honor to have this partnership.

  IMC - Reston, Virginia
Membership in the Red Cross Ready Rating program has given IMC effective building-blocks for crafting a comprehensive emergency response plan. The 123-Point Assessment provided valuable insights on which disasters we’re most vulnerable to and outlined clear steps and milestones to ensure the safest and most efficient response. We found the program scaled precisely to our planning needs, no matter what types of preparedness we previously had in place. This type of exercise should be a top priority for all organizations in order to safeguard employees and mitigate risks to business operations.

From an HR perspective, the Ready Rating program has fostered a heightened sense of security at IMC. From a flood in the server room, to violence in the workplace, our employees take comfort knowing that we have contingencies and policies in place to respond to emergencies and disaster events. Individuals have become engaged in the various volunteer roles that the program appoints. Similarly, there are valuable steps provided to educate employees on emergency preparedness outside the work environment, which underscored IMC’s strong commitment to work-life balance and community involvement.